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Insurgency - Chapter 12: 74 Days


Were you wondering if I was going to drop in anymore canon Homestuck lingo? Well, wonder no more! In this chapter, the purpose of recuperacoons and carapaces are touched on. (I love carapaces. They’re such cute little guys with the capability to crash the entire informational/technological infrastructure! Aww adorable.)

If you care about my update schedule at all, read the two notes on AO3! Plus, I’ve updated the summary. I still write really shitty summaries, but hey, I try.

When Eridan Ampora and Feferi Peixes abandoned their lives of privilege and expectations two years ago and went into hiding, neither of them expected they would end up neck-deep in politics, blood, and revolutionary fervor, all schemed by their crazy neighbors in the apartment upstairs. As ideals crumble and resolves are tested, two coddled brats figure out if they have what it takes to be a part of the new future their friends envision, or if antiquated opinions will keep them tied to old burdens. And honestly, they’re both pretty sick of power struggles. Fuck those.

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Clypeasteroida Circumagior - HSWC 2014


Team Eridan<>Feferi’s entry to Main Round 1 of the Homestuck Shipping World Cup!

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Insurgency - Chapter 11: INTERMISSION


This intermission is going to fuck up my chapter order, goddammit. And I will probably never write Meenah POV again. But hey, at least now that this is out of the way, Act II can begin, and I’m very excited about that! I am going to have so much fun.

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Anonymous asked: no, no, that was exactly what i wanted to know! but then, gosh, that's AMAZING that you came up with the entire world! worldbuilding has always been super hard to me, but all of your stuff is really amazing when it comes to that. maaan tho that's just really great!! you're just like amazing wow okay <3 thank you for answering!


Worldbuilding is hard, in general- there’s a lot of detail and work that goes into it, and it’s really difficult to gauge what is realistic or overdone or wrong. You just need to find a balance, where you think you’re comfortable and the setting isn’t muted or overbearing. Ask yourself what’s different and what’s the same; what are the staples holding everything together, and what are the tiny specks that hardly matter but flesh things out; what needs and wants have to be satisfied. I’m by no means amazing at worldbuilding (I have a long way to go), but that’s what Insurgency is for: learning. I’ve had to go back and change things a few times as I figured out how things would work, and I know there are little things about Canaveral (random tidbit that will never be explained in-story: I’m not entirely sure how obvious it is, but Canaveral is actually Cape Canaveral in Florida) and the rest of the world that won’t fit correctly into the story, but I’m learning what to add and what to take out in order to make a cohesive narrative.

But I digress. Thank you very much for all the complements, I’m incredibly flattered! I hope you continue to enjoy Insurgency!

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Anonymous asked: hiya! you're literally my favorite fanfiction author ever, and i've been reading insurgency for a while, but not since the beginning. i was just wondering if insurgency was based off of something, made completely by you, or an AU set in a pre-made universe, blahblahblah. sorry if this is really stupid!!


Aww, thank you!!! (Also, there’s no reason to apologize, there is no faster way to win my heart than asking questions about my fanfic. None.) Thanks for reading, I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying it!

Insurgency is heavily influenced by the big dystopia phase that began a few years back (and frankly, I’m getting kid of sick of it, oops). When I first started planning it, it was meant to be a prequel of sorts to one of my original works—I thought it would help me with worldbuilding—but then it ran away from me, because I started making eugenics and genetic engineering and all that jazz integral to the society. The GMS was never a thing in the original universe, and there wasn’t any room in my plot to make it a thing. I doubt it matters now anyway; I’m probably never going to touch dystopia again once I’m done with Insurgency (though hopefully I can savage two of the big characters and plop them somewhere else, because I adore them).

So yeah, the Insurgency ‘verse is owned by me and the characters who inhabit it. If I misunderstood your question or something, tell me!

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Insurgency - Chapter 10: 135 Days


With this, Act I is complete! This chapter is nearly twice as long as the regular chapters, and its POVs alternate; I hope it doesn’t disappoint! I’ve been excited about this part of the fic for a long time—the last scene is one I’ve had burned into my mind for almost two years—and I really, really hope I got everything right. I graduated from high school today, so ending Act I is a graduation present for myself. Anyway, enough of my rambling. Here we go!

His hands continue to twist together in front of him. “Rufioh said last night that I needed to protect the people that I put in danger.” Right now more than ever, he isn’t Kankri Vantas, the loud advocate for every right under the sun; he sounds like a lost little boy. “He was undoubtedly correct. I came to talk to you specifically because I value your opinion.” Bashfully, he says, “Before you started coming to the meetings, I took some of the things you were saying at breakfast and used them when I needed a point. Though our views don’t always align perfectly and you have some… strange opinions, you’ve been a valuable asset and friend, whether you knew it or not. You…” he looks at the ground. “You remind me of myself. Well,” a nervous laugh spurts out of him, “the good parts, anyway.” He sobers in an instant, his eyes boring into yours. One of Kankri’s best assets is his intensity. “Feferi, be careful.”

You can now prompt me for Insurgency, but please read the FAQ before doing so!

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Les Misérables Cast
One Day More



One day more

Another day, another shipping team

This never-ending road to artistry

These Homestucks who beyond all doubt

Will come together and ship these trout

One day more!

 …This is why I don’t write song lyrics. I tried to do the whole song, but it got worse somehow.

May 8th is the day sign ups close, meaning this is your last opportunity to join Team Eridan<>Feferi! Seeing as I’ve been pretty much spamming the tags with notices, I shouldn’t have to reiterate the details at this point, but I will anyway, for convenience’s sake.

If you want to participate, make a Dreamwidth account here and sign up here! If you’re worried about free time, it’s okay! We’re a very flexible team and are entirely willing to work with you, no matter how much or how little you think you’ll be able to give. Summer is a busy time and we understand that, so if you’re hesitant to join because of that or any other reason, feel free to message me! Our team only has five members right now, so there’s plenty of room to join.

If you can’t participate, please reblog one of our team ads, located here and here. I’d really appreciate it!

I wish I could’ve used the international cast version of One Day More bc it’s so much better but it wasn’t mp3 grumbles angrily

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Self-Destructive Locomotive


(also on AO3)

There’s a first time for everything, whether in regards to writing Sollux as the POV character and EriFefSol. I love the pairing, but I’ve always had trouble with Sollux so I’d never written it, but I got hit with inspiration at about 4am today and ended up typing this out. Hopefully the minor tense shifts aren’t too disorienting or all over the place. If you have any triggers, check the tags on AO3.

I feel like Sollux’s psychic powers could manifest somehow in humanstuck, and even though I’m not convinced by Freud’s dream theory, it’s plausible in this situation. That doesn’t mean his dreams always right, though. Poor Sollux.

You hate dreams that have layers. Some nights, you think you’ve woken up ten times before you’re actually awake, and with each one you wonder how you didn’t realize you were still dreaming. When you finally open your eyes, the first thing you do is sit up, carefully pulling your legs away from Feferi’s so you can look on the other side of her. 

The fact that he’s still there, sleeping curled up on his side as he drools on FF’s shoulder, removes a lead weight from your chest, and you sigh quietly in relief. You thread your fingers through your hair, reaching for your phone on the nightstand, and check the time. 5:00am is too late for you to go back to sleep but too early for you to wake up Feferi, so you carefully get out of bed and head into the laundry room. In the clean clothes pile, you find a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt that belongs to Eridan. Usually, you don’t wear his clothes because you look like an emaciated stick in his shirts that are meant for his broader shoulders, but it smells like him so you don’t care. Before you make a conscious decision to do so, you head outside and start walking.

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(also on AO3)

I felt like writing sickfic, so I wrote sickfic. It’s that simple. Also, Darius is Eridan’s roommate.

“He won’t get out of bed,” is the first thing out of Darius’ mouth when you answer the phone, and your good mood dials down. Exhaling quietly through your nose, you lace your fingers in your hair and get ready for some drama.

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