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HSWC 2014 Bonus Round Fills


Since the competition is all but over, I figured I’d stick a list of my fills on here (mainly so they’re on my fanfic blog). Though I did fills for BR7, I decided not to put them on AO3; BR1-BR6, however, are up there. I’m not going to bother tagging ships. Each chapter title includes the pairing it’s about, and if you ship something, it’s probably in there somewhere.

I had a lot of fun friendleadering Team Eridan<>Feferi, and I’ll hopefully do it again next year!

Bonus Round 1

Bonus Round 2

Bonus Round 3

Bonus Round 4

Bonus Round 5

Bonus Round 6

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Indoctrinations and Machanations - Chapter 1


So I finished a oneshot trilogy, and what did I decide to do? Start a new multi-chapter, of course! I had a Potterstuck taking up space in my head for a while, so I decided fuck it any typed out the first chapter.


As the Ministry of Magic’s new policies based on lineage begin warping into something resembling a caste system, Eridan Ampora must decide if he wants to go against his family and everything he was ever taught to stand by his friends. When he’s not trying to beat back his own prejudices, he’s left wondering why his romantic life is such a wreck, while also trying to get his insane Quidditch captain to tone it down a little.

You wake to the pleasant feeling of The Monsters Book of Monsters trying to gnaw your leg off.

“Fuckin—bloody—Christ!” You flail in the sheets, kicking at some third year’s book that somehow got into your bed too early this morning. It’s Saturday and there are no classes, so whoever woke you up is going to pay. You know some awful hexes, and your impressive detention record shows that you’re not afraid to use them.

The fight with the book ends with you on the floor, tangled in a mass of blankets and stroking the spine of the evil tome. You knew there was a reason you didn’t take Care of Magical Creatures past the O.W.L. level. The stinging paper cuts on your leg remind you of this reason.

A shadow looms over you, and with a raspy lumos, Karkat is looking down at you, and immediately you know he stuck the book in your bed; the younger kids in Slytherin practically worship him, so he could’ve easily asked to borrow it from one of them. “Good morning, sweet prince,” he deadpans, nudging your stomach with his foot. “Ready to beat some unsuspecting Ravenclaws in Quidditch?”

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Team Eridan<>Feferi’s Main Round 2 entry for the Homestuck Shipping World Cup 2014! The theme for the round was cycles. The illustrations were done by livinginthesubjunctive, and the writing was done by me, wtfeveridgaf, and peixesprincesses!

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You’ve always been a troll of the sea, even if you never liked getting your fins wet.

So what does a troll of the sea do when there is no ocean to sail?

“I am so fucking sick,” the front door slams the wall when Kar thrusts it open, making you flinch and nearly drop the faulty blast compartmentalizer and screwdriver you’re using to tighten a bolt, “of these flighty, nook-billed vermin that pick battles and then expect me to fight them!”

“Having problems with the avialae again, darling?” you ask, putting your parts down and taking the magnifying clip off your glasses.

He huffs, closing the door with enough force to rattle the porcelain plates stacked in the food preparation block. Then, abruptly as he entered, he’s moving from his rooted position in the entryway to slide into your lap, wrapping his arms around your neck so he can let out a muffled scream into year shoulder. You nuzzle the top of his head, politely ignoring (for the moment) that you’re groin-to-groin, and say, “Well, at least my meeting to secure my weapon supply contract for that Fleet officer went well.”

“Did I fucking ask about your day?” he says in a low, venomous tone, flicking the back of the bottom tine of your left fin. “Because if I wanted to hear about how you managed to get some low-ranking nooksniffer to do ceremonial dances in fields of wildflowers and make daisy chains with you while taking periodic breaks to suck your bulge and call you pretty, I would’ve made some sort of mention that I care.”

You make a wounded noise, low in your throat, but you how he doesn’t really mean it—Kar just yells at things to unwind, and often that thing is you. It’s your duty to put up with it, seeing as he dealt with all of your mopey shit back at the beginning, and it would be a lot harder if you didn’t find his rants adorable most of the time.

Adorable in a pants-shittingly terrifying way, that is. You would’ve liked to see Kar in command of soldiers, he’d probably have a mutiny-free record and the ability to scream enemy captains into submission.

He sighs, long and hard, so you leave a peck on his jawline and reach around him to start cleaning up your gun repair stuff. Once it’s all neatly tucked away in one of your many tool cases, you get up, Kar’s legs clenching around your torso as always to get a good gri—


And the Particlestuck oneshot trilogy draws to a close. You could probably understand most of this without reading the previous two, but if you’d like to catch up, the first one is ashes and the second is stardust.

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Insurgency - Chapter 12: 74 Days


Were you wondering if I was going to drop in anymore canon Homestuck lingo? Well, wonder no more! In this chapter, the purpose of recuperacoons and carapaces are touched on. (I love carapaces. They’re such cute little guys with the capability to crash the entire informational/technological infrastructure! Aww adorable.)

If you care about my update schedule at all, read the two notes on AO3! Plus, I’ve updated the summary. I still write really shitty summaries, but hey, I try.

When Eridan Ampora and Feferi Peixes abandoned their lives of privilege and expectations two years ago and went into hiding, neither of them expected they would end up neck-deep in politics, blood, and revolutionary fervor, all schemed by their crazy neighbors in the apartment upstairs. As ideals crumble and resolves are tested, two coddled brats figure out if they have what it takes to be a part of the new future their friends envision, or if antiquated opinions will keep them tied to old burdens. And honestly, they’re both pretty sick of power struggles. Fuck those.

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Clypeasteroida Circumagior - HSWC 2014


Team Eridan<>Feferi’s entry to Main Round 1 of the Homestuck Shipping World Cup!

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Insurgency - Chapter 11: INTERMISSION


This intermission is going to fuck up my chapter order, goddammit. And I will probably never write Meenah POV again. But hey, at least now that this is out of the way, Act II can begin, and I’m very excited about that! I am going to have so much fun.

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Anonymous asked: no, no, that was exactly what i wanted to know! but then, gosh, that's AMAZING that you came up with the entire world! worldbuilding has always been super hard to me, but all of your stuff is really amazing when it comes to that. maaan tho that's just really great!! you're just like amazing wow okay <3 thank you for answering!


Worldbuilding is hard, in general- there’s a lot of detail and work that goes into it, and it’s really difficult to gauge what is realistic or overdone or wrong. You just need to find a balance, where you think you’re comfortable and the setting isn’t muted or overbearing. Ask yourself what’s different and what’s the same; what are the staples holding everything together, and what are the tiny specks that hardly matter but flesh things out; what needs and wants have to be satisfied. I’m by no means amazing at worldbuilding (I have a long way to go), but that’s what Insurgency is for: learning. I’ve had to go back and change things a few times as I figured out how things would work, and I know there are little things about Canaveral (random tidbit that will never be explained in-story: I’m not entirely sure how obvious it is, but Canaveral is actually Cape Canaveral in Florida) and the rest of the world that won’t fit correctly into the story, but I’m learning what to add and what to take out in order to make a cohesive narrative.

But I digress. Thank you very much for all the complements, I’m incredibly flattered! I hope you continue to enjoy Insurgency!

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